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Valid XHTML 1.0, HTML 4.01, and CSS2

My personal web site is entirely XHTML, HTML, and CSS2 valid.

XHTML and HTML files:

WDG site validation

Below are the links to site validation results by WDG Validator. Since site validation is limited to 50 files, I divided my site in smaller portions.

W3C validation

There is also a link at the bottom of each page (including this one) of my web personal site to the validation results by the W3C validator.

It works if referrer logging is enabled in your browser (this is a default setting in most browsers, and users usually do not change this). However, some users of Opera, for example, may need to enable it by pressing F12 (Quick preferences) and checking “Enable referrer logging” option.

CSS files:

Since there is no on-line tool for batch validation of CSS files, below are given links to the validation results by W3C CSS Validator for all individual files used in my web site.

In the following style files, the color and background-color settings lead to warnings during validation. This behaviour is by intention in order to simulate graphics using CSS.

Why these colors?

My web site is designed to be accessible for people with most frequent kinds of color blindness.

To see how it works, copy, for example, one of the links below (right-click and copy link, or simply copy the address as text), then go to VisCheck, paste the page address and select some form of color blindness.

VisCheck acknowledges having some problems with CSS – this explains why the bottom border is not affected by their filters.

Accessible to ANY good browser

My web site can be viewed with ANY good browser (not only with Microsoft Internet Explorer, but including it) and on screen of any reasonable size (not only 800x600, or 1280x1024, or 1024x768, but including them). You can: