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Software: brief overview

  1. FRACULUS toolbox:
    Fractional calculus toolbox for Matlab and Simulink – under development.
    Here are some parts that can be used separately:
  2. Require FEX package – Let the MATLAB user download and install those MATLAB Central File Exchange packages, which his/her submission needs.
  3. Orthogonal Linear Regression in 3D-space by using Principal Components Analysis (for MATLAB) (co-authored with Ivo Petras).
  4. Off-line CSS Validator:
    A clip (or macro) library for NoteTab.
  5. Predložky On-line – On-line Prepositioner (released September 29, 2003)

    In English: In accordance with the Slovak language grammar and the Slovak typesetting rules, one-letter prepositions (v, k, s, a, ...) do not hang at the ends of lines in those sub-pages of my web site, which are written in Slovak. Now you can add this – currently unique – property to your Slovak web pages, contributing therefore to increasing the cultural level of the Slovak web typography.

    In Slovak: Na mojich slovenských podstránkach jednopísmenkové predložky a spojky (v, k, s, a, ...) nezostávajú na konci riadku, čo je v súlade s pravidlami slovenského pravopisu a zásadami slovenskej typografickej sadzby. Teraz však aj vy môžete mať stránky s touto – zatiaľ jedinečnou – vlastnosťou a prispieť k zvýšeniu typografickej úrovne slovenského internetu.

  6. On-line Hyphenator:
    A unique hyphenation engine.
  7. Matrix Poker:
    A new game written in MATLAB. Released on March 21, 2003. Updated September 22, 2003, to work with Matlab R11, R12, and R13 – [Download from the website of Mathworks, Inc., the makers of MATLAB]
  8. Off-line HTML Validator:
    A clip (or macro) library giving NoteTab users a convenient and easy-to-use interface to James Clark's SGML Parser, which is widely recognized for its great performance and reliability. This allows very efficient off-line validation of edited web pages written in HTML/XHTML, and the level of rigor is practically the same as that of W3C HTML Validator. Note that this is real validation, since the syntax of the document is checked against the SGML definition of the corresponding mark-up language.
  9. LaTeX-pie:
    Successor of LaTeX2eps. For NoteTab 4.8 Pro/Std. Turns NoteTab into a powerful and flexible LaTeX editor and GUI workbench for TeX_Live and 4TeX 5.0. - [Download] - [Read short review by Jozef Krob]
  10. LaTeX2eps:
    Intelligent LaTeX clips (= macros) for the NoteTab 4.52 and 4.6 (Pro/Std) text editor for Windows 95 / 98 / NT. (Outdated. Available via the NoteTab clipbook library:
  11. Multiple Clipboard:
    A macro library for NoteTab text editor. A set of four buttons is added to NoteTab toolbar, which allows: CUT selected text (and add it to the Multiple Clipboard). COPY selected text to the Multiple Clipboard. PASTE one item item or all items from the Multiple Clipboard (select from the list of available items), and CLEAR the Multiple Clipboard. - [Download]
  12. Enhanced Bookmarks:
    A macro library for NoteTab text editor. Set up to 10 bookmarks placed anywhere in different opened documents in NoteTab. Describe each bookmark by a word or a phrase, and then use those descriptions instead of bookmark numbers for jumping between the bookmarked positions. (By the way, have you seen named bookmarks in any other plain text editors?) – [Download]

Take a look also at the MATLAB routine for numerical integration written by my student Martin Kacenak – during last two years it is the most frequently downloaded file in the Mathematics-Integration section of the MATLAB Central file exchange.