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Matrix Poker

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Matrix Poker

Easy entertainment for MATLAB users. Download from the website of Mathworks, Inc., the makers of MATLAB

Matrix Poker screenshot

Matrix Poker is a combination of hazard and combinatorial thinking. The game consists in filling the game board with random numbers (from 1 up to 13) to get a maximum score by forming premium combinations in rows, columns, and on two diagonals.

  1. How to play
  2. Premium combinations
  3. The name of the game
  4. Authors

1. How to play

To start the game, run MATPOKER.M. You will see 25 empty green cells surrounded by 24 gray cells. Above them there are three buttons ("New", "Count", "Help"), and a green cell with a random number between 1 and 13.

Look at that number in the upper-left corner of the game window and click on an empty cell to place the number. Repeat this step until all green cells are filled by numbers, and try to create as many premium combinations as possible. After filling all cells, click on "Count" button to see your score. The abbreviations of formed premium combinations, and their values will appear in surrounding gray cells.

To see the rules and the table of premium combinations in your default web browser, click on "Help" button.

To start a new game, click on "New".

2. Premium combinations

Abbreviation Combination (in any order) Points
P Pair (two cells with the same number) 10 
DP Two pairs (double pair) 20 
T Triplet (three cells with the same number) 40 
S Straight (five numbers in sequence, e.g. 5-6-7-8-9) 50 
FH Full House (triplet + pair) 80 
FH1 A triplet of "1" and a pair of "13" 100 
B Broadway (numbers 10,11,12,13, and 1) 150 
Q Quads (four cells with the same number) 160 
Q1 Quads "1" 200 

If a premium combination is located on a diagonal, the number of points for this combination is increased additionally by 10 points. The total score is the sum of all premium combinations when all cells on the board are filled.

3. The name of the game

Indeed, it is poker, and premium combinations are called "pairs", "triplets", "full house", and so forth...

4. Authors

© 2002-2003 Igor Podlubny, Peter Konecny.
Technical University of Kosice, BERG Faculty,
Department of Applied Informatics and Process Control.

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