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Skip directly to: LaTeX-pie on-line manual, or download immediately.

LaTeX-pie clipbook (or, in other words, a macro library) is a powerful set of macros (clips) for writing LaTeX source files using the text editor NoteTab Pro/Std 4.8. LaTeX-pie turns NoteTab into a very powerful and flexible programmable editor and the front-end for work with 4TeX 5.0 and with TeX_Live. It allows to run TeX compilers, a DVI viewer (windvi), a Postscript and PDF viewer (GSview), 2-up printing, BIBTeX, MakeIndex, and MKTEXLSR without leaving the editor.

Look at a screenshot of NoteTab Pro 4.8 with the LaTeX-pie toolbar in action. For detailed info and for download read the LaTeX-pie on-line manual.

LaTeX-pie in action