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To search for the citations of my works, and for some of my works, at the Web of Knowledge (previously known as Web of Science, or SCI – Science Citation Index), please go to Web of Science - Cited Reference Search, and use the following string, which takes into account known spelling errors and typos: (PODLUBNY I* OR PUDLUBNY I* OR PUDULUBNY I* OR PODLUNBY I* OR PODLUBNY L OR PEDLUBNY I* OR POODLUBNY OR PODLUBUY I* OR PODLUNHY I OR PADLULNY I OR ODLUBNY I OR PDLUBNY I OR PODLUBMNY I OR PODLUBNG I OR PODLUBNY JI OR PODULUBNY I OR POLDUBNY I OR PODLUBNI OR PODLUBAY I OR POLDLUBNY I OR PODULBNY OR PRODLUBNY) NOT (IAKUBOV OR PODLUBNY LI OR PODLUBNY L.I. OR PODLUBNY LN OR CHEN YL OR CHEN YUNG*)

Alternatively, you can use general search in Google Scholar:
Google Scholar search for "I-Podlubny".

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